GolfPitStop Counterfeit Guide

GolfPitStop Counterfeit Guide


Straight away you can relax, we do NOT sell counterfeit golf clubs. Unfortunately counterfeiting is wide spread in the golf industry and includes counterfeit Drivers, Fairway Woods, Iron Sets, Putters, Wedges and even golf bags and head covers!

All golf clubs on the GPS website have undergone and passed, our very own vigorous anti-counterfeiting inspection process which includes individual inspection of every club that comes through our door by no less than 2 trained GPS staff members.

A common place for counterfeiters to sell their products is through websites that allow members of the public to buy and sell amongst themselves. Websites that allow members of the public to buy and sell amongst themselves offer very little protection and as a result are an easy target for counterfeiters.

It ‘s safe to say if you've ever been overseas, no doubt you've been offered a TAG Heuer watch or a Louis Vuitton handbag for a fraction of the retail cost. This is a good indicator that goods being offered to the buyer are counterfeit and are in fact fake. When it comes to golf clubs however, this is not the case. In recent years we have seen counterfeit groups charge the same amount for the fake as the original in an attempt to mask the poor quality counterfeit. Recent cases report consumers forking out $1000’s of dollars for clubs only to find out they’re fake.

Recent attempts by authorities to curb this problem have been very promising indeed including the recent arrest of a man from Essex, England. He's accused of running one of the largest counterfeiting operations in the world through popular internet auction site Ebay. The scale was so large it affected golfers world wide and effected nearly every major brand in sport with close to 100,000 transactions taking place. It was only after an unhappy Ebay customer contacted trading standards that the full scale of the operation was uncovered. Click the link below to read the full article: 

One thing is for sure and that’s that the counterfeiters are getting better and it is becoming harder and harder for the novice golfer to spot the differences. It could be something as simple as the font size is slightly larger or smaller, the decals could be different to the originals or even spelling mistakes in brand and model names – whatever the cosmetic imperfection rest assured that when you hit a counterfeit club the performance is definitely below par!

In the picture below we can see just how bad the quality is on counterfeit goods:

Can you see the problem...?
If you look closely you'll see that "Performance" is spelt "Performace". One thing’s for sure, the "performace" of counterfeit products is far, far below the standards genuine golf club manufacturers put in place to ensure product quality and the highest standards of PERFORMANCE!


A few more things to keep in mind:



1. The majority of counterfeit clubs come from overseas, if on your recent holiday to Asia you picked up a bargain too good to be true, unfortunately the majority of the time it is.

2. Magnet test  - A magnet will NOT stick to a Titanium headed driver. Often counterfeiters will advertise titanium headed drivers and sell you steel, which is a lot cheaper than titanium. Steel is also heavier than titanium often resulting in the counterfeit being heavier than the original version.

3. Fonts used in counterfeits usually lack detail and definition.

4. If the club is counterfeit then chances are the head cover is too: look out for inferior quality in manufacturing and check the shaft protector as often the counterfeit version has a shorter neck than the original.

5. Colours used are never a 100% match to the original.

6. Graphite shafts usually have blurred or poor graphics.

Comparing your club to an original is often the best way to determine whether you have the genuine product.

We're committed to making your buying and selling experience as easy and hassle free as possible, providing you with the confidence necessary to feel comfortable when purchasing online. This confidence cannot be matched by other web sites that allow members of the public to buy and sell amongst themselves. Not only do we off a 7 day trial period but also a full 12 month warranty on all clubs purchased from GPS, allowing you to buy with total confidence!

If you’re still not sure about the authenticity of your clubs we operate a free screening process to all our customers. Contact us via email by clicking here or contact our customer service team on (03) 9899 7133. They'll arrange photos to be sent through and inspected by our resident PGA Professionals.

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very happy with the service and back up customer support. I found the website easy to use and was extremely happy with my purchase and the delivery. I will definitely use GPS again.

-K Troy 15/9/17 (VIC)

Would highly recommend GolfPitStop for anyone in the market for a second hand club. Quality and description was top notch and the customer service was A1. Extremely helpful and accommodating. Delivery was was prompt and secure.

-C Olsen 8/9/17 (VIC)

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